Power Control Technology has forged relationships with many of the worlds leading industrial equipment suppliers and, together with it's own technical and manufacturing capabilities, can source or manufacture a wide range of spare parts for oil drilling Rig SCR systems.

We are able to identify Oil Rig SCR system parts from the original part number, and can provide exact equivalents where these are available. Where an exact replacement is not available, either due to limited supply or obsolescence, PCT can engineer an alternative or recommend a near equivalent.

This means that equipment manufactured up to 6 years ago is still fully supported by PCT, and can continue to provide a return on investment well beyond the normal life expectancy.

AC & DC Control Modules

PCT can provide you with exact replacements spares for your Oil Rig SCR Drilling System. We have built a unique database of these specifications, and this, combined with the experience and expertise of our technicians enables us to re-engineer, and even improve on, the original specification. We believe we are the only company in the world able to provide replacement AC/DC modules for Oil Drilling Rig SCR system. In order to improve on the original design, this product is fully analog/digital, but is an exact replacement, occupying the same footprint and having the same pin configuration.

Printed Circuit Boards

PCT are today developing improved specification products for our customer spec. We can provide many of the printed circuit boards used on these systems, and even improve on some of the design features of the original product to improve reliability, robustness or functionality.

Thyristors, Diodes and Fuses

Advancements in technology mean that many of the power semiconductors which were built in SCR systems 6 years ago have been superseded by devices with better specifications. Specifying replacement or equivalent devices is a skilled task, but our engineers are able to ensure that, when the original component is not available, a suitable replacement can be found. If the replacement is not an exact fit we can engineer an adaptation to ensure continued serviceability of legacy equipment.

Repair and Calibration

PCT has designed and built a new type of AC and DC Module simulator, both provide a better testing platform for standard Oil Drilling Rig SCR system AC and DC modules. In particular, the AC module simulator provides a much improved engine control and start-up simulation.

These improvements have been made based on our experience with testing and repairing these modules over many years, and our customers can be confident that any module returned to us for repair has received the most comprehensive bench test possible.

In addition we are able to repair and re-calibrate printed circuit boards (PCBs), including Power Limit, Field Supply Regulator, Sprocket Slip, Drillers Console, DC Auxiliary, SCR Auxiliary and Generator Exciter PCBs.